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Guitars Image
cooL soLid body eLectric guiTars...
teardroPs, surfPunK, reVerse headsTocks
80's made in jaPan
reTro, sT bLues
Vintage stratocaster Image

Vintage stratocaster
reverse headstock strat

pink les paul Image

pink les paul
set neck jay tyrser

St Blues Bass guitar Image

St Blues Bass guitar
Bluesmaster bass guitar

Chapman ML1 Image

Chapman ML1
rock & roll electric guitar

fender scorpion telecaster Image

fender scorpion telecaster
telecaster w/seymore duncan

Kramer bass guitar Image

Kramer bass guitar
reverse headstock bass

Dipinto mach 4 Image

Dipinto mach 4
pink surf guitar

bLuEsMaStEr Image

st blues dual humbucking NEW...

Chapman set neck Image

Chapman set neck
reverse talecaster

sT bLuEs bLuEsCaStEr Image

sT bLuEs bLuEsCaStEr
fat telecaster vintage blond finish

zErO cUsToM sHoP Image

zErO cUsToM sHoP
custom emade ZERO guitar

rEvErEnD wArHaWk 390 Image

rEvErEnD wArHaWk 390
reverend 3 p90 guitar

ReVerEnD Image

set necK dual humbuckings

alden telecaster Image

alden telecaster
new blond tele with filtron pickup

Italia Speedster I Image

Italia Speedster I
set neck italia blue sparkle single humbucking

Gibson Melody Maker Image

Gibson Melody Maker
melody maker guitar

pHaNtOm tEaRdRoP Image

pHaNtOm tEaRdRoP
pHaNtOm 3 piCkUp SoLiDbOdY tEaRdRoP

Bixby les paul guitar Image

Bixby les paul guitar
blond neck new les paul guitar

Squire II strat Image

Squire II strat
korean stratocaster

eAsTwOoD eSqUiRe Image

eAsTwOoD eSqUiRe
eAsTwOoD NAMM show fAt eSqUiRe

Teardrop sunburst Image

Teardrop sunburst
sunburst teardrop guitar

MD Teardrop guitar Image

MD Teardrop guitar
teardrop guitar

rEvErEnD Image

Blue reverse headstock Warhawk

Beatle bass Image

Beatle bass
jay turser set neck bass

saMick JAG Image

saMick JAG
new cooL surf guitar

dEvLiN iMpOsTeR Image

dEvLiN iMpOsTeR
devlin reverse headstock imposter guitar

Vox set neck guitar Image

Vox set neck guitar
new sg style vox guitar coil tap

retro mij bullet red Image
Gretch Stumpomatic Image

Gretch Stumpomatic
set neck Gretch guitar

Purple teardrop guitar Image

Purple teardrop guitar
teardrop purple sparkle

Skull Teardrop Image

Skull Teardrop
hevy metal sKuLL guiTaR

Richmon Godin Image

Richmon Godin
very RicKy sounding

sQuiRe fAt TeLeCaStEr Image

sQuiRe fAt TeLeCaStEr
fat tele with dual rail at bridge

gOdiN rAdiAtOr Image

gOdiN rAdiAtOr
GODIN radiator guitar....

ShEeNa SeT NeCk Image

ShEeNa SeT NeCk
high end first act guitar

Jay Turser set neck new Image

Jay Turser set neck new
super cool hevy rock guitar

Hondo H-700 Image

Hondo H-700
vintage mij guitar

Squire Jimmy Shine Image

Squire Jimmy Shine
single hum reverse headstock

JT Phantom guitar Image

JT Phantom guitar
reverse headstock phantom single coil guitar

AsTin 335 mutant Image

AsTin 335 mutant
mutant 335 guitar

Bronsvill choirboy Image

Bronsvill choirboy
cool 3 pickup brownsvill guitar

StAgEmAsTeR Image

cool reverse headstock rock & roll guitar

Hofner guitar Image

Hofner guitar
set neck guitar

Squire Bullet 1 Image

Squire Bullet 1
1980's bullet guitar

fEnDeR bUlLeT Image

fEnDeR bUlLeT
MIJ 1980 sQuiRe fEnDer BulLeT

ESP Firebird Image

ESP Firebird
set neck firebird

12 string set neck guitar Image

12 string set neck guitar
beautiful redsunburst 12 string guitar

sKuLL InLaY gUiTaR Image

sKuLL InLaY gUiTaR
set neck p100 guitar

LP jr style guitar Image

LP jr style guitar
set neck lp jr style guitar

dAiSy rOcK Image

dAiSy rOcK
set neck double humbucking LP jr. style guitar

piNk LeS pAuL sEt nEcK Image

piNk LeS pAuL sEt nEcK
new dOugLaS LeS pAuL